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June 16th, 2007

08:47 am
I can spout - easily - all kinds of shit about how selfish everyone is these days, no one seems to be interested in giving without strings, how everyone these days seems bent on forwarding their own crap agendas, so on and so and so forth. Penny Arcade scholarships counters this pessimistic view, it is something decent, like awesome, particularly in a world of web-comics from which nothing like this seems to spring. I'd shed a manly tear but it's too early in the morning. Gabe and Tyco, the world seems a little brighter this morning.

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March 19th, 2007

04:11 pm
flaccid with anger
spanks of a rigidity

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10:03 am - and the guy sleeping in the next seat ...
... looks to be dead.
oops, my bad

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February 22nd, 2007

09:15 pm - teh internets
look so much better tonight, almost an applely glow to it ...

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January 31st, 2007

11:10 am - On Liberty in Iraq
Sergeant Roy Batty:

"So what does it all mean? What's the point of this long story? Well, the Administration, and the Iraqi government, are putting a lot of emphasis on the Iraqi security forces being able to take over and run the country. Prime Minister Al-Maliki said last week that, properly equipped, his police forces could assume complete control of the country in the next three months."

"Problem is, the type of issues that we are dealing with day to day, as just described, are not uncommon -- quite the opposite. They are de rigeur for operating with the Iraqi police forces. Keep in mind, this is after four years of training and equipping these guys. At best, the Iraqi police are corrupt and incompetent. At worse, they are one big criminal gang, and outright insurgents to boot."

"I keep reading news reports that talk about how the Mehdi Army has "infiltrated" the Ministry of the Interior and all of the police agencies. "Infiltrate" is such an evocative word, bringing to mind images of dark clad guerillas scaling chain link fences in the middle of the night. That simply isn't the case. These guys have not surreptitiously snuck into the MOI. They are not hiding, or operating clandestinely, whispering quietly to each other in secret meetings after work. They've been outright hired by their buddies, particularly after the Shia gained control of the Iraqi government. Every IP station I have been in has Shia and Mahdi Army propaganda posters openly displayed inside it. They are not working to bring down the system. They are the system."

"These are our buddies, our comrades-in-arms, with whom we are supposed to bring Jeffersonian democracy and security to this wonderful country. This is the hope to which our President is pinning the success of his plans. To tell you the truth, I don't think our IPs know it, or are particularly worried."

"They are too busy washing Grandpa's brains out of the back of their pickup truck."

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January 26th, 2007

12:05 pm - Government By Weasels
Recently, on new-poetry, I rose irritated at Richard Dillon's ramblings. Very off-topic, and my apologies are in the archive. However, I said that I would reply to Dillon's last outrage, documented here. This is my reply.

I am not an expert on US consitutional law, by no means. However, I can say the case against or for Bush breaking the constitution is unproven, as every time a court case has moved towards trying to test the un-constitutionality of this Administrations' actions, the Administration whips away the ball. I feel there's something of a Charlie Brown sketch in there somewhere. Take the case of two Gitmo detainees. One is released to another country just before the court comes to case. In the case of the wire-tapping, it's legalised and secret-courts set-up to administer the system. Whatever happened to FISA? See the weasels squirm as they try get the court to dismiss the ACLU case against the secret wire-taps. As in, it's legal now, therefore our past behaviour was legal. Have you stopped beating your wife? Yes sir. Well you're innocent then. To top it all, information is hard to come by because it's all so bloody secret. But that's about to change. If the government is so innocent, what have they got to hide? The fact that they're not hunting Osama Bin Ladin anymore? He's a Saudi, so I suppose he's beyond the legal pale.

So, in one sense, RD is correct: this administration has never been proven to act unconstitutionally but they sure do play fast and loose with the facts and the issues. Really, the Bush Administration is government by weasels, unwilling to legalise it's actions unless forced to, and endless twisting and turning in it's Republikan war against the US people. You do wonder what else is going on. I wonder why the Bush Administration appears to fear the courts so much? It can't be because the Supreme court is full of Democrat place-men? Or is it that they learned everything at the court of Richard Nixon? You're innocent until caught, and even then, change the rules so that you appear innocent.

Two other points of interest. RD says that the senator who revealed the info should be impeached. Now, when the senator(D) revealed the documents I have this feeling that both houses were Republikan controlled. I wondered why impeachment wasn't administered then? Instead, the usual suspects, well, the astroturfing campaigns, had to go bleating on about the "traitorous" 4th Estate. With the slander against Clinton - a slander that's endlessly repeated in the Republikan-Kontrolled newsmedia - why didn't Kenneth Starr start perjury proceedings against Clinton? Now perjury is just that: lieing in a court of law. Now, my challenge to RD, is either: bring an action for perjury against Clinton, or keep quiet. If you're so sure of your facts, then Clinton will be proven guilty and we radlibs will be silenced for ever.

I may know what I know about the US mostly from Web and television, feeding my now-tarnished image of America's as the brightest and best of all hopes for the future. I freely admit this however it appears that RD knows even less about dear old Blighty. The distortions that he puts out are, basically, wrong, without a shred of evidence to support them. It's almost as if he's been fed this ... tripe by a Daily Torygraph reader ... ummm. Yeah, and they're an unbiased source that's for sure.

Finally, I do wonder why RD hasn't joined the US Army yet. Put your money where your mouth. Join the infantry. Go get shot at in Baghdad.


January 12th, 2007

11:26 pm
well Xboxes are cool until Apple produce their own gamebox

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January 5th, 2007

12:23 pm - Mutant Ninja Turtles V Renaissance Artists

From xkcd

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December 27th, 2006

06:23 pm - The Microsoft Fluffing Machine is always open ...
... to those who care

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December 25th, 2006

05:39 pm - xmas presents ...
Now why didn't anyone get me one of these:

Iggy Pop's rider - very laughsome

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